So here is my first very mini kit.
I had no idea how to make any of this but i'm sure as time goes on
my kits will get larger. Let me know what you think :)

something i did with a fantastic kit

so I came across this fantastic free scrapkit fromo Delicious Scraps. This is what I did with it :) follow the link below to her blog to grab it yourself and give it a try!!!

My first digiscrap papers

Hello everyone!!
I just started making scrapbooking papers today. Let me tell you it looks alot harder than it is. I don't get a whole lot of free time but the time I do get I wanna get creative making these things for you :)

So here is a preview of what i got done today.
I will be adding more soon and then uploading the kit.
Let me know if you like what you see...good encouragment to keep me going :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!!


Digital Scrapbooking!!

Over the past little while I've been a fan of digital scrapbooking. I'm going to attempt to make some sets of my own, but they won't be half as beautiful as some that I'm seeing. I'm also going to try and make my own blogger layouts I'm just having a really difficult time with it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this it would be greatly apprecitate!!

My first blog entry. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Cecile. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am an animal fanatic. I work with animals and I have alot of my own. I have a girlfriend of 8 years and I love her so much! I hope the future holds nothing but happiness as we've had enough hard times to last us the rest of our lives! We currently got 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs to add to our family of 5 cats, 2 guinea pigs and 3 chinchillas. Baxter is 6 months old and weighs just over 60 lbs and Abbie is 9 weeks old and weighs about 17 lbs.

Berners make excellent pets. They are so smart and loyal. They love all people and other animals. We feel very fortunate to have them in our lives!